26. November 2011Company
Ice dancing and sledding

Magical winter moments at Hannover Adventure Zoo from Nov. 26, 2011 - Jan. 8, 2012

Snowflakes and ice crystals, sparkling lights and quaint alpine huts, ice dancing and sledding - wintertime is pure fun at Hannover Winter-Zoo!


From November 26, 2011 until January 8, 2012, the theme worlds Meyer's Farm, Mollywoop and Yukon Bay become a magical winter wonderland resplendent with fairy lights and stars, the fragrance of typical Christmas specialities in the air and lots of attractions for young and old.


Enjoy ice skating on a frozen lake in the middle of century-old regional farm houses on Meyer’s Farm, beautifully illuminated, try the three super fast snow covered slides in Mollywoop or take a ride in one the the nostalgic roundabouts.


Starting December 22, 2011, Canadian landscape Yukon Bay as well remains open until late in the evening. Stroll through the harbour, home to polar bears and seals, under a sea of multi-colored lights or take a ride in the Mini Ferris-Wheel to get a good view of all the attractions: salmon prepared right on the market place, a magnificent 10 metres high Christmas tree and Santa’s sleigh!


Until December 21, 2011, Yukon Bay opens until 4 pm. During the Christmas holidays, until 7 pm or 8 pm, respectively. Giant silhouettes of animals shining out from the roofs guide visitors from Mollywoop through the Outback and the Jungle Palace to Yukon Bay "by night". 


NEW: Indian shadow play
Starting on December 22, 2011, the Jungle Palace comes to life in the dark. The fascinating shadow play shows the adventures of the little butterfly Chaaya in search of its flock in the Indian jungle - past elephants, dangerous snakes, leopards and cheeky monkeys. The stage is the palace garden, where the holy monkeys live in summertime. 

NEW: Advent calendar
From December 1 - 24, 2011, every day there's a surprise waiting for all guests. Behind the 24 doors of the Winter-Zoo Advent Calendar are hidden special events such as views behind the scenes, a birthday party for the youngest little elephant, artistic highlights, a meeting with the Hannover Scorpions hockey team and many more ...


The advent calendar can be found right in the entrance area of the zoo. Every morning at 10 am, the day's surprise will be revealed.


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Merry Christmas!