28. October 2011Company
Zoo welcomes wintertime

Shorter opening hours – lower winter prices – last boat trip on October 30, 2011

On Sunday 30, 2011, the Adventure Zoo officially welcomes the wintertime. The colder months of the year are just perfect for a long walk through colourful autumn leaves, hot cocoa and typical cabbage at Meyer’s Inn, watching highly active polar bears and tigers with hot breath clouds in front of their snouts, cuddling meerkats and grinning hippopotamus!


For the animals in the Canadian landscape Yukon Bay it cannot get fast enough cold. The polar bears Arktos, Nanuq and Sprinter enjoy the cold weather, the seals are (unsuccessfully) trying to conceal the winter fat under their thick fur, caribou Carter is flirting with his women, the bisons a sporting a winter coat of thick fur and the wolves boast about their experiences of the last, long winter in Yukon Bay. Only the prairie dogs are thinking about hibernating – on the other hand, with all the good food in the zoo, a sleepy Lent really isn’t necessary.


When Jack Frost calls, our African animals only venture outside for a little while each day. Because lots of zoo enclosures are home to several species, they take turns to go for a stroll. Gazelles and Antelopes only take a few trots around the enclosure before being called into the warm again so that their ears don’t get frostbite. The hippos have retired to their private indoor pool in the Hippo Canyon, to doze in the warm water or perform their underwater ballet for visitors to admire through the thick glass windows.


Animals that can’t stand the cold have made themselves comfortable indoors and are waiting to receive visitors in the jungle and tropical houses: chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, drills and langurs, for example.


Some animals are so inquisitive by nature that they can’t be kept indoors, so the Zoo has put ‘hotplates’ under their favourite places in the enclosures. From their warm lookout rocks, meerkats, tigers, lions and leopards keep an eye on the comings and goings.

Discounted winter prices starting October 30, 2011
Due to the shorter opening hours and boat trips down Zambezi river not taking place, the zoo has lowered its admission prices:

- For adults 16 € (instead of 23 €)
- For children 3-5 years 10 € (instead of 13 €)
- For children & adolescents 6-17 years 13 € (instead of 16 €)

Winter opening times from 10 am – 4 pm


Several animal shows & feedings daily


Our recently born vicuna, Bennett kangaroos, sloths and roan antelope as well as our youngsters are looking forward to your visit: giraffe Thabo, the five little trunks born 2010 in the Jungle Palace and the
Barbary lions Zari & Joco.


Boats in dry dock
Over the past seven months, the colorful boats have made the fascinating trip down Zambezi river thousands of times. At the end of the season, they are transferred to a dry dock for winter maintenance. Fully reviewed and re-decorated, the boats start running again on March 24, 2012.


Winter-Zoo from November 26, 2011, until January 8, 2012! 

Discover the magical winter wonderland resplendent with fairy lights & stars, open-air ice-skating rink on Meyer’s Farm, toboggan slope in Mollywoop, stalls selling e.g. mulled wine, and many more!
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