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Zoo Animal Dictionary

Hannover's animals from A - Z

Hannover's animals from A - Z

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Animal origin size weight breeding time Age
Asian Elephant
Asia300 cm tall5000 kg660 days (22 months)60 - 80 yearsread
Africa165 cm tall3200 kg244 days50 yearsread
Black rhinoceros
Africa375 cm long2000 kg450 days40 yearsread
Africa600 cm tall1930 kg465 days25 yearsread
Eland antelope
Africa160 cm tall940 kg280 days25 yearsread
Old German black and white lowland cattle
Europe140 cm tall500 kg280 days35 yearsread
Polar bear
Arcticup to 2.5 m long, up to 1.6 m at the shoulder500 – 800 kgapprox. 8 months30 years (in zoos)read
Africa240 cm long315 kg375 days28 yearsread
Africa, Asia160 cm tall300 kgread
Asia105 cm tall280 kg112 days25 yearsread
Africa185 cm tall275 kg289 days60 yearsread
Barbary lion
Africa, Asia250 cm long250 kg100 - 119 days25 yearsread
Exmoor pony
Europe130 cm tall250 kg336 days25 yearsread
Sea lion
South America250 cm long200 kg365 days28 yearsread
Africa271 cm tall156 kg46 days40 yearsread
South America125 cm tall155 kg368 days20 yearsread
American red squirrel
North America20 cm; plus 12 cm of tail150-300 grams38 daysup to 7 yearsread
Addax or Mendesantelope
Africa115 cm tall135 kg255 days20 yearsread
Lesser kudu
Africa112 cm tall105 kg240 days15 yearsread
Asia97 cm tall90 kg260 days50 yearsread

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