Special prices for groups of more than 20 people

Enjoy an unforgettable day together as a group at the Hannover adventure zoo. Moving animal meetings, unique shows and interesting feedings let you forget the daily life.

Winter Season (28.10.2019 - 20.03.2020)
Child (ages 0 to 2) free of charge
Child (ages 3 to 5) 8.00 €
Child (ages 6 to 16) 10.00 €
Adult (ages 17 to 24) 11.50 €
Adult (ages 25 and older) 14.50 €
Summer Season (from 21.03.2020)
Child (ages 0 to 2) free of charge
Child (ages 3 to 5) 11.00 €
Child (ages 6 to 16) 15.00 €
Adult (ages 17 to 24) 17.00 €
Adult (ages 25 and older) 22.50 €


Please register your group once you arrived at our cash desks. For every 10 children there is one adult free, bus-drivers are free as well.


Guided group tours


Experienced Zoo-Scouts will lead you and your group through an entertaining and really interesting travel around the world. After all you will have enough time to experience and walk through the zoo by your self or to see some of the amazing shows.

Your benefits:

  • crazy stories about different animal families
  • a boat tour along the Sambesi as a VIP (no waiting lines, only during the summer season)
  • entertaining stories about the zoo as a company
  • interesting facts about the protection of different species

Choose your favourite from our Scout-Safaris

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Trip around the world

Experience all the highlights

Enchanted palaces in the middle of the indian jungle, the red sand of the australian outback, dry landscapes and lovely canadian ports, long savannas out in the african steppe - all apparenty unattainable dreams- don´t they bring back some wanderlust to you?

Experience all of these dreamplaces in just ond day:

  • 2,5 h privat safari

  • discover every zoo-highlight

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