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Welcome to Hanover Adventure Zoo

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Elefanten ganz nah: Jungtier streckt neugierig den Rüssel aus

A journey around the world in one day

Adventure Zoo Hannover offers six immersive Theme Worlds to explore. Experience Zambei River on a boat ride. Follow a jungle path up Afi Mountain on the trail of the great apes. Discover the call of the Canadian wild in Yukon Bay. Let the ruins of an Indian palace enchant you. Admire wombats in the Australian outback and enjoy the idyllic scenery on Meyer's German farm.
Bootsfahrt ueber den Sambesi_Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover.jpg

Zambezi Boat Tour: African River Ride

All aboard: Lean back and enjoy your ride on one of the 18 boats touring Zambezi river. During your ride you will encounter zebras, antelopes, flamingos, Somalian wild donkeys, giraffes, rhinos and hippos along the riverbank. Boat tours are exclusively available during the summer season from 9:30 am. Zambezi boat trips are included with your entry fee at no additional cost and are wheelchair accessible.
Begegnung mit dem Eisbär

Captain Henry's Underwater World

Submerge into the a marooned ship's rusty bowels and explore the icy ocean floor of Captain Henry’s underwater world in the harbor of Canadian Yukon Bay. Experience polar bears, penguins and seals elegantly diving and playing just an arm’s reach away through the tall, panoramic windows. Meet seals, sea lions and penguins eye to eye. Immserse yourself and be drawn into their vivid underwater domain.

Zoo Map (English)

Everything for you visit: Map, feeding times, presentation guide and more.