Late zoo: Enchanted summer nights at the zoo

Extended opening hours every Thursday

Magical Mood at the zoo

Summertime is finally here. At Hanover Adventure Zoo, that means the return of our popular Late Zoo evenings. Every thursday from June 9th through August 18th, the zoo will extend its opening hours until 9pm.

Enjoy the zoo during those magical evening hours when a setting sun covers the park in gentle light and the Zambei river's water is painted in gold. Visit your favorite animals during an enchanted visit to the Late Zoo. Treat yourself to an ice cream cone or tasty waffle and enjoy the scenery of a Yukon Bay sunset.

All about the Late Zoo

  • Take a romantic evening walk through the zoo until 9pm
  • Profit from attractive discounted ticket prices from 4:30pm (after work ticket)
  • Visit your favorite animals during aureate summer dusk
  • Go on a beautiful evening boat ride (last ride 8:30pm)
  • Enjoy a selection of tasty snacks from our outlets




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The wild at dusk

Close encouters that will stay with you: Visit your favorite animals during a romantic walk through the zoo at dusk. Enjoy the incredible atmosphere of a golden sunset at the zoo.

Go on a tour around the world from Africa to Australia with a detour through North America, by visiting all our lovingly designed theme worlds.

After sunset, see our nocturnal inhabitants start their night, as porcupines, raccoons and wombats sleepily emerge from their retreats.

A boat ride after sunset

All aboard: Lean back and relax, enjoy a slow and quiet boat ride over Zambezi river along the steppes of Africa. Take in one-of-a-kind views at the animals along the riversides.

18 boats leisurely float over the Zambezi's calm surface, passing by zebras, antelopes, flamingos, giraffes and rhinoceri, as close as you've ever been.

The last boat ride of Late Zoo starts at 8:30pm. The boat ride is free of charge.

Tasty snacks after dark

Craving a little something? Don't hold back and treat yourself to one of the tasty snacks from our outlets and kiosks. Enjoy freshly made waffles, popcorn or artisanal ice cream made in-house at our very own Gelataria Luigi Amarone. At the Zambezi bistro we service crispy-hot pizza and refreshing drinks.

Looking for a proper dinner? Hoflokal restaurant will also extend its opening hours until 10:30pm.


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Night of Celebration

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Night of Celebration

Learn more (German) 

Night of Celebration

Learn more (German)