Our accessibility services

Our services for people with disabilities

  • Disabled parking
  • Free rental wheelchairs
  • Broad footways and accessibility in all parts of the zoo
  • Maximum incline of 10% is never exceeded on our footways and ramps
  • Accessible restrooms in all theme worlds
  • Boat tour is wheelchair accessible
  • Seperately bookable guided tours can be adapted for wheelchair users on request
  • Guide dogs can be brought into the zoo and may be eligible for free entry (please visit our service-point)
  • Dedicated wheelchair seats in our arenas
  • All tables in our restaurants are wheelchair compatible

Admission fees for persons with disabilities

People with disabilities pay regular admission prices.

However, holders of a handicapped ID with markers equivalent to the German labels for persons with major disabilities (B, Bl, AG, H), or otherwise evidently reliant on a caregiver are entitled to receive an additional free ticket, required to be used by a person responsible for (and capable of) safeguarding the ID holder.

When non-German handicapped IDs are presented, their eligibility to qualify for a free ticket is subject to the discretion of our customer service staff.

We are here for you!

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