Our services for you

Entrance area
Bicycle parking mounts
Public restrooms
Sparkasse ATM
Baggage storage (1.00€ fee)
Donation box for old cellphones
Paper ID wristbands for children
First aid station
Rental wheelchairs
Reserve rental wheelchair Proceed to webshop (German)
Reserve handcart Proceed to webshop (German)
Inside the park
Microwaves for warming up baby food
Thematic restrooms in all areas of the zoo
Diaper changing stations in all restrooms
We accept cash, debit cards and Adventure Zoo gift vouchers
Fresh drinking water for your dog

Admission fees for persons with disabilities

People with disabilities pay regular admission prices.

However, holders of a handicapped ID with markers equivalent to the German labels for persons with major disabilities (B, Bl, AG, H), or otherwise evidently reliant on a caregiver are entitled to receive an additional free ticket, required to be used by a person responsible for (and capable of) safeguarding the ID holder.

When non-German handicapped IDs are presented, their eligibility to qualify for a free ticket is subject to the discretion of our customer service staff.

Our services for people with disabilities

  • Disabled parking
  • Free rental wheelchairs
  • Broad footways and accessibility in all parts of the zoo
  • Maximum incline of 10% is never exceeded on our footways and ramps
  • Accessible restrooms in all theme worlds
  • Boat tour is wheelchair accessible
  • Seperately bookable guided tours can be adapted for wheelchair users on request
  • Guide dogs can be brought into the zoo and may be eligible for free entry (please visit our service point)
  • Dedicated wheelchair seats in our arenas
  • All tables in our restaurants are wheelchair compatible

Filming and Photography

We are happy to see our guests create lasting memories by way of photography. However, please respect other guests' privacy when taking photos – not everyone is comfortable being captured on camera.

Please understand that while we are happy to let our guests share their zoo-related photos freely in a private manner, we do not allow commercial use of photos and videos created within Hanover Adventure Zoo without explicit written consent.

Further inquiries about commercial use of your photos and videos featuring our zoo may be directed at presse@erlebnis-zoo.de.


Service Point

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