Around the world in one day

At Hanover Adventure Zoo, an exciting tour around the world awaits adventurers of all sizes. Animals from almost 200 species call our lovingly designed, continent-inspired theme worlds their home. During feedings and presentations, zookeepers share fascinating facts about our animals - and educate about the efforts made to save them from extinction.



Experience Africa during a boat ride along the Zambezi riverscape, home of hippos, rhinos and giraffes.

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Afi Mountain

Follow a jungle path up Afi Mountain on the trail of our nearest relatives as primates - the great apes.

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Yukon Bay

In Yukon Bay, the call of the Canadian wild beckons into a small harbour town, suspended in time.

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Jungle Palace

Let the ruins of this Indian palace, sunken deep into the jungle, enchant you into an ancient fairytale.

Explore India 


Admire down under's unique fauna in the Australian outback and visit emus, wallays and wombats.

Red sands and kangaroos 

Meyer's Farm

Enjoy the idyllic scenery on this authentic German farm and get acquainted with local animals.

Lower Saxon history 

Our highlights

Summer season only

Zambezi boat tour

Lean back and enjoy your ride on one of the boats touring Zambezi river. No additional fee required, access to the boat tour is included with your ticket.

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Don't miss a thing!

Follow the explorer's path through the zoo and don't miss out on any station along the way during your trip around the world.

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Entertainment and education

Enjoy a feature program of daily guided presentations, during which zookeepers educate about their animals.

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Lasting Memories

Explore the icy ocean floor in Captain Henry’s underwater world in Yukon Bay. Experience polar bears, penguins and seals elegantly diving and playing just an arm’s reach away through the tall, panoramic underwater windows.

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Natural Environment

Embark on a trip around the globe in just a single day. Experience animals in enclosures affectionately modeled after their natural environments. Become part of a world where the line between our domain and theirs begins to blur.

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Culinary experiences

Enjoy authentic regional food in a unqiue environment. In Africa, Canada, India and Lower Saxony, delicacies await in lovingly decorated theme restaurants.



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