A rainforest for Hanover

Square in the city of Hanover, a new home was built for the endangered drill and the smaller De Brazza's monkeys: Afi Mountain. This theme world was inspired by, and resembles a real national park in the southeast of Nigeria. The way through Afi Mountain guides visitors through a range of African climates, from down in the wet savannah all the way up into the rainforest.

On your way there, you will meet chimpanzees, drills, De Brazza's monkeys, a range of African bird species and up high on the peak, mighty western lowland gorillas.

Travel through Africa's diverse climate

Welcome to Afi Mountain National Park

At the foot of the mountain, a group of chimpanzees have made their home around the base of a mighty baobab tree. Here, they have found everything they need: a stream of water, cooling shade under the treetops, a hanging bridge to climb and jump on - and a termite hill to finagle tasty snacks from.

Between drills and monkeys

Gigantic tree roots mark the entrance to the domain of the endangered drill and De Brazza's monkeys. The path leads through a stone tunnel, which opens up into the the playful monkeys' enclosure. Sometimes, they are even seen climbing above the visitors' heads.

A whirl of colors in the aviary

At the outskirts of the rainforst, small parrots, wading birds, ducks and other African birds have discovered a paradise of their own. Here they have made their home around a small lake and an old well. Lucky visitors who meet a friendly bird have a chance to approach them and admire their dazzling feathers up close.

Approaching the peak

Nearing Afi Mountain peak, the path becomes steeper. Finally, the environment opens up into a clearing. Here, at the top, right next to a big waterfall, lives a gorilla family. Their protector, a giant silverback, is always alert looking out for his mates and offspring - approach with caution!

Wildlife conservation where it matters

Did you know?

Afi Mountain ist modeled after a real place, Cross River National Park in southeast Nigeria. This is where the eponymous Afi Mountain Forest Reserve protected area is located. Here, conservation non-profit Pandrillus has founded Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary in cooperation with the Nigerian government. Hanover Adventure Zoo and its partner, Rettet den Drill e.V. support Pandrillus and their local efforts to save the drill and its natural habitat.

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