Explore rural Lower Saxony

Inbetween rustic frame houses, cows, ponies and sheep grass on their pastures. Chicken and geese waddle over a red brick road. This is Lower Saxony as it used to be, brought back to life in the midst of the zoo. A piece of the past, here today.

A visit to Meyer's farm is a romantic trip through history. The architecture is authentic 16th century work - and even our resident farm animals are from the same period.


Good old land

Period Architecture

Seven historic buildings from different centuries make up the backdrop of this unique theme world. These authentic houses were moved brick by brick from their places of origin and rebuilt at the zoo with attention and care.

Rare domestic breeds

Goast and sheep, ponies and cows. Everyone knows these common animals. And yet, the specific breeds on Meyer's farm are threatened by extinction. While they are capable allrounders, they are not as optimized for milk or meat production as their contemporaries. That's why they are rarely bred - making our domestic residents some of the last of their kind.

Climb, play, explore

Windswept little huts connected by mysterious tunnels, labyrinthian hallways, a climbing tower as tall as the sky and a slide all the way down. At the bottom, a creek runs through the sand. There are swings and rocks and paths through the green. This is Brodelburg, a paradise for brave little explorers who like to climb and play.

Buzz off, buzz on!

What a sweet thing here on Meyer's farm. Two colonies of bees are as busy as... well, bees! Collecting pollen from nearby wildflowers.

Yes, even bees are threatened by extinction from parasites and agricultural insecticides. Hanover Adventure Zoo is dedicated to conserve bees by keeping its own colonies on the farmgrounds.

One of the benefits of keeping bees on Meyer's farm: They make delicious artisanal honey, available for purchase through our shops.

Authentic regional food at hoflokal restaurant

A fusion of rustic authenticism and contemporary cuisine


At Hoflokal restaurant, passion for the craft and regional ingedients are mixed with a dash of contemporary zeitgeist. The results are delicious. Our varied, down-to-earth dishes are a perfect capstone for your day at the zoo. Best enjoyed on our sunny outside terrace.

For you to enjoy:

  • Artisanal drinks produced in-house
  • Hearty sandwiches
  • Rustic farm burger
  • Healthy stews
  • Seasonal soups
  • Sweet cakes and other desserts

We are also accessible seperately from the zoo! Learn more at www.hoflokal.de (German)

Did you know?

Hoflokal restaurant also has a small store, in which some of our delicious, regional and sustainable products are available.

Our conservation efforts

Small animals, big responsibility

Wildlife conservation can start small, right in front of our own doorsteps: The natural habitat of wild bees and honeybees is rapidly shrinking. Fashionable stone gardens might be easy to take care of, but they have little to offer in terms of biodiversity. The exctinction of insects would be fatal for the flora as well. It is our responsibility to provide even the smallest animals with spaces where they can thrive.


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Domestic animals, threatened by extinction?

Back in the day, cows on farms had to be capable allrounders. Nowadays, modern agriculture only needs cows to either produce milk or meat. They are no longer required to be sturdy or strong, for living outside or pulling the plow. For this reason, old breeds are not being kept around on farms. They are slowly disappearing and threatened by extinction.

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