Welcome to the outer wilds

Do you come from a land down under?

Australia, land of marsupials and red sand. Here you can meet Bennett's wallabies up close in their enclosure. Emus share their home with red kangaroos. Wombats await your visit close by, as well as the world's smallest pub, aviary home of coloful birds.

Discover the unique fauna of Australia, the continent a world apart.

The Outback - Little Australia in Hanover

Remarkable Marsupials

Australia's fauna is really something else. Its most famous representative is of course the kangaroo. But don't be quick to dismiss the emu, a bipedal bird, impressive in its own right. Few animals conquer hearts as quickly as the small and chubby wombat, a favorite among frequent visitors.

Darf es sich schmecken lassen - Wombat Maya - Foto Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover

A most colorful establishment

In the outback's smallest pub, its most miniature residents have made their nests. Quite literally! All kinds of parakeets (budgies, cockatiels, eastern rosellas and red-backed parrots) flutter about the seats and tables. Regulars agree - for looking at birds, this is the pub to go!