Fascinating underwater world

Dive in and immerse yourself

Meet seals, penguins and polars bears eye to eye. Only a wide panorama window stands between you and the animals' aquatic kingdom. Immserse yourself and be drawn into their vivid underwater world.

  • Fascinating insights into the animals' life below the surface
  • 39 panoramic windows allow a wide vista onto penguins, seals and polar bears
  • Visit our exhibition on ocean waste and learn how to contribute to a cleaner environment

Deep in the Yukon Queen's hull

The one-off-a-kind underwater world lies deep in the marooned ship's rusty bowels. Imposing panoramic windows allow insight into the watery domain of seals, penguins and polar bears.


New perspectives

They can fly in their own way. An all-glass passage allows walking below the diving penguins. From this unique perspective, they seem to elegantly soar above like birds in the sky. An unparalleled view at these charming aquatic birds.


Reach out

During their commentated feeding, polar bears like to swim in front of the underwater world's panoramic windows, jostling for fish. You'll never get closer to these impressive bears. A once-in-a-lifetime experience.