Zambezi awaits

Available during the summer season

Excitement around every corner

What's that? There, behind the floating tree trunk! A hippopotamus! We don't blame any of our boat's passengers for leaning back a bit, just in case - that's how close the hippos get. They like to yawn and show off their respectable teeth to impressed passers-by, before taking a dive back into the Zambezi's waters.

A boat tour on Zambezi river brings Africa close enough to feel on your skin. Pass by flamingos, zebras, gazelles, giraffes and antelopes on your way to visit the rhinoceros.


Africa beckons

Zambezi boat tours

Eighteen colorful, lovingly decorated boats await to take you on an adventurous journey through the African continent. A tin roof protects the crew from the elements. One tour takes about 12 minutes and is free of charge. Impressively close encounters with Zambezi's wild residents take place along the way, when giraffes, antelopes and more mosey along the river banks as you float by.

Exclusively during the summer season

One of a kind adventures

Zebras, antelopes and gazelles live next to the rare African Ostrich. A hanging bridge creaks and sways in the wind. Winded paths adjacent to the road and a foggy cave invite small adventurers brave enough to explore them.

More than a hundred flamingos dot the landscape pink along Zambezi river. Pelicans invite you into their enclosure, if you dare.

Eye to eye with the wild

The best vista of the African savannah is available to visitors of our Zambezi lodge. Here, giraffes, sprinboks and antelopes share a wide living space as neighbours to the mighty lion. From the height of the lodge, visitors can meet  even the tallest giraffe eye to eye, as the peaceful artiodactyls saunter by to take a nip of straw next to the platform.


An all new perspective

Not even boat tour passengers can get this close to the hippos. While their outside home on the zambezi is separated from visitors by a floating log and rockface, Hippo Canyon allows brave guests to come within an arm's reach of these enormous aquatic mammals - only separated by one of the large panoramic windows, giving an exclusive look into their underwater world.


Colorful stars

The fun kind of class

Let our talented superstars impress you during an animal presentation. Presentations are learning experiences, teaching attendants about their stars‘ special and unique skills. What enables birds to soar through the air? How can nasuas sniff out any hidden treasure? Who is the mysterious Elvira? Find out during one of our daily presentations. You are invited!


Close encounters of the soft kind

Adjacent to the Zambezi landscape, an African-inspired village waits for visitors willing to come close to its friendly residents. Among them are the small-in-stature dwarf shorthorn cattle and red river hogs with their unique, paintbrush-esque ears. A common favourite are pygmy goats and sheep, waiting for young adventurers to enter their enclosure and pet them.


Café Kifaru - Delicious food and African ambience

Delicious Africa

Welcome to Africa! Peackocks saunter between the tables while a rhinoceros looks on from the adjacent riverbank. This is Café Kifaru! Enjoy Mama Wambule's specialties in this Africa-themed restaurant.

A selection of specialties:

  • Pizza fresh from the oven
  • Zambezi Burger grilled on an open fire
  • Crispy baguettes
  • Hot dogs
  • Salads
  • Ice cream
  • Muffins and cake

Shopping oasis at the Zambezi

Mementos from Africa

Explore Smith & Johnson's Trading Station at the banks of the Zambezi. Discover souvenirs to remind you of your travels to Africa, or take home one of the animals in plush form with a no-biting guarantee!

About our conservation efforts

Sahara Conservation Fund

Fewer and fewer addaxes are found in their natural habitats. Their numbers are rapidly dwindling. Luckily, a number of zoos including Hanover Adventure Zoo are dedicated to releasing addaxes back into the wild.

Through these programs, numbers of wild addaxes have been bolstered and added to a healthy population in guarded national parks.

However, it is a long and ardeous road to fund, organize and continously run conservation programs, as shown with our own project to preserve the north african ostrich.

Learn more about the SCF (German) 

Save the Rhino

Even though a rhinoceros' horn is proven to have no effect on virility nor any other medical value (it's simple keratin), rhinoceros are nonetheless being poached to extinction due to persistant myths about their horn's properties. Poaching is so lucrative that remaining rhinoceros have to be guarded by armed rangers in protected areas.

To combat the rise in illegal poaching, these rangers need training and equipment. Since 2018, Hanover Adventure Zoo supports Save the Rhino, a non-profit dedicated to saving the rhinoceros through protection.

Learn more about Save the Rhino (German)